Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sad News

We got a call at half 6 the other morning from Alan's older sister to tell him that one of his really good friends had died he was only 48 we could not and still cant believe it we are so shocked and stunned. He was a railway cop and worked really hard, He had a problem with his stomach and something ruptured and he could not get up the stairs to the phone and he bled to death.Alan could not make his work that day he was so upset.It is his funeral tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it but i wouldn't leave Alan to go himself.
I'm so sad he is gone it just doesn't seem fair.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothering Sunday

I was awakened with Amy and Alan bringing me tea and toast to me in bed this morning is was a lovely surprise and i really enjoyed it, Alan had made me a beautiful card and had written it all himself which he was really proud of he got me a teddy with a baby teddy its so cute i also got perfume and a willow figure and 2 other beautiful cards from the girls and Alan. I really have been spoilt today and i have enjoyed it a lot.

I have thought about my mum today and her not being here now and i find it hard at this time of year, when i heard about Jade Goody today it really made my heart heavy and feel very much for her boys and her family . It made me think that every day is a precious gift and we should all make the most of it.
Alan went to bed tonight with my new teddy he was snuggling into it and asked if he could sleep with it so his usual bear is in my bed for the night.

Friday, 20 March 2009


My post man arrived today which is obviously not out the blue, Alan has been receiving mail from post pals for a few months now and getting them really cheers him up infact he now knows Jessica's writing on the envelope and says this is from Jessica and although we have never met Alan talks about her as if he does.Today instead of the letter being for Alan it was for me from Sarah it was a beautiful card and on it it says;
This little card is just for you
Cos sometimes grownups need smiles too,
And so a friendly not to say,
Best wishes for this Mothers Day.
I am really touched receiving it in fact it moved me to tears to think people out there really care about us.I feel alone sometimes, i have a fantastic husband and brill kids but i have no other support network and it is sometimes really hard. I lost my dad when i was 9 to cancer and 2 years past in February my mum died so i feel i have no family, i do have a sister and we talk every day but she has her own family and her own life, so this little card has a big meaning to me.

Monday, 16 March 2009


Alan had an appointment at the ear, nose and throat clinic today . In November he needed to have grommets removed from his ears due to constant infection, his ears were very runny and smelt really bad, they were having a look at him and testing his hearing to see if he had recovered fully from his operation. His hearing test was fine and the perforations in his eardrums have healed up nicely all in all they are happy, the only problem he is left with, which is really hurting him is his ears are left very sensitive,any noise that is a bit loud hurts him to the extent that he holds his ears in extreme pain, they are waiting to see if it clears itself i only wish it would go, its hard watching him in pain and not being able to take it away.
The helper at school was not in today so there was no one to give him his medicine so because i had him at hospital i kept him for lunch he had a burger king and really enjoyed it. my day feels as if its flown by today because i had Alan out for a couple of hours.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


I picked Alan up from school yesterday he was a little bit upset he only managed to get 9 out of 10 this week in his spelling test which is still really good but he really wanted 10. When we got home we told him he was going out for dinner with Nikki, her boyfriend Stuart, and Amy they were going to Frankie and Benny's, since Nikki started working in there it has become his favourite place to go. Alan and i were having some time to ourselves last night we haven't been out for dinner for such a long time, its nice having time to ourselves, we went to the cinema after our meal, we went to see Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood stars in it, it was really good and an unexpected ending that made me cry!

Today Alan really was cheered up, he got a letter from Jessica, it was a certificate for getting 10 out of 10 last week he was beaming when he opened it, it is up on his wall.

I have spent the day cleaning and washing I'm so glad to see it all done, i hate a mess but when Alan is around its not easy to be tidy all the time.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Ten pin bowling

I picked Alan and his wee friend Callum up from school today, he was coming to play with Alan for a little while, i had said to Alan (husband) this afternoon did he want to take the boys and Amy bowling, so he said yes, i picked them up and said to them did they fancy going bowling the two of them screamed yes so we went home i did both the boys homework and then they got changed they played for a wee while because we have been decorating the bathroom since the shower has been fitted and we were trying to finish it off. Around 5 we went and they all had a great time Alan loves the bowling and he tries his best he gets quite breathless doing it but never gives in, its a quality in him i love and am very proud of him, i hope he always has this fighting spirit . After the bowling we went to wimpy the boys loved it they had a burger and chips then ice cream they did very well. We dropped Callum off around half 7 and i came home to my chores of cleaning and washing oh well i cant have every evening off!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Alan's Annual Review

We were at hospital today for Alan's check up and they had some of Alan's results from his annual review. All in all they are pleased with him his chest was clear today, his ears are still bothering him but we have ent next week for that, he is complaining of a sore throat just now but they have swabbed him so we will wait if it shows anything up, from his results they have his vitamin b levels are a bit low so they are increasing his ketovite liquid which are vitamin supplements. All his medicine will stay the same apart from the ketovite so its been a good day. They say we have to keep his physio up and keep doing what we are doing so makes us feel as if we are doing a good job. His xray shows no more damage this year and his lungs are in good condition, long may that continue.
Sometimes i feel horrible because Alan wants to go out and play but when its cold and damp i am not keen and ask for him to be kept in at school, he doesn't like it but I'm only trying to protect him and keep him as healthy as i can. Its hard but Alan is worth it. Cf is such a horrible disease and one day he is up and next he is down. We just take it as it comes.

Monday, 9 March 2009


I hate Mondays, i never seen to get organised enough on a Sunday and I'm always running about mad on a Monday!

I got the kids organised this morning and dropped them off at school, when i got to Alan's school his friend asked me if he could got to the soft play with him after school, Alan was keen to go so i said yes he was really happy, i met Michelle with his change of clothes and his medication and kissed him, asked how his day had been and he was off. Its really nice to see him with a special friend.
While he was at school today Alan was decorating the bathroom, hes on holiday this week so it a good time for me to get things done. He has got all the wallpaper it so not much to do, i will be so glad to see it finished. We wont get much done tomorrow Alan has the c.f clinic and it takes a few hours, hopefully we will get some of Alan's annual review bloods tomorrow i will blog tomorrow.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


I woke this morning to wee Alan asking me are we going for a game today. I had promised him since he got all his spelling words right yesterday so we got up and organised and went down with Alan and Big Alan we went to the bank then to the game shop Alan could not make up his mind between Transformers and Bolt, after about 5 minutes deliberating he finally chose Bolt, he could not wait to get home and play it.

We got back and he was desperate to get it on, he played it for about 20 minutes when my sister, brother in law and nephew came in, Alan quickly switched it off to play with Nathan, they played Army and then power rangers they really get on well together.Nathan is 5 and Alan likes being the big cousin!

When my sister went away Alan said we would get a take away tonight to save me cooking so we decided on a Indian we had chicken patia it was delicious such a change from cooking. We are just having a night relaxing tonight and i am looking forward to doing nothing!!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Alan's Teeth

I got a call from school today to ask me if i could go in to school and see Alan, his helper said on the phone he was very upset and she couldn't get him calmed down, i said i would be right there. I drove to the school with butterflies in my tummy and when i got to the door i saw him sitting and he was crying. His helper was waiting to let me in and he ran to me cuddling in to me.Mrs Cooper said he had had a apple and when he bit into it it had made his top tooth very wobbly, i had a look at it and it was hanging by a thread so i said to him be brave and mum will get it out, he really wasn't keen but i knew two seconds and id have it, it was hanging so i got a bit of tissue and got it out. He was so relieved it was out. He then said he felt better and i could go, i kissed and cuddled him and he went back to his class.
I was picking him and his friend up today, so the two of them came running out and Alan shouted to me, mum i got 10 out of 10 in my spelling his teacher was standing and said he had done really well this week and had got them all right, my heart was bursting with pride i was so happy so i promised him when he got them all right he could have a PlayStation game so I'm taking him tomorrow.
His wee friend stayed for dinner and they really played well together today no fighting or anything so i was happy, i had said he could come back another day soon to play.
Here is a pic of Alan without his tooth!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Alans Day

Alan's friend from school asked me yesterday if Alan could go there for tea today so i had said yes it would be ok and his mum asked if he could go to tae kwan do with him so i spoke to Alan and he was ever so excited and said he really wanted to go he had always wanted to try it, so i packed a bag this morning for him and off we went to school. Michelle had texted to say he had done really well with his dinner and that she was staying with them tonight at the tae kwan do so i went up to watch them doing their moves i was so proud of Alan he absolutely loved it and did really well keeping up, he was a bit out of breath but never gave up, he is my little champ.
Callum, Alan's friend asked if he could come to our house tomorrow so i am entertaining the two of them tomorrow i hope it all goes well.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Amy rang me today from school, i could here it in her voice she was upset and that alarmed me because Amy is a very easy going person and to here her like that frightened me. She said to me Did you here about the accident outside school at lunch? My heard was beating so fast, i said No whats happened she then went on to tell me that a girl in first year so she is 12 was running across the road at lunchtime and she got hit by a bus and is in a critical condition in hospital, it caught her foot and threw her on to the windscreen and she had to be resuscitated at the road side. Amy got such a shock. I'm praying she pulls through, i feel for her poor mum and dad, i don't know them but i can imagine getting a call like that it would be your worse nightmare.

Amy is ok now she got a real fright and was really concerned for the girl.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


It has started snowing here, its been on since about 8 o'clock and it is quite heavy, wee Alan is in bed and has not seen that it is snowing or that it has left a heavy dusting i just hope its still here in the morning he loves it when it snows. We had snow a few weeks ago and he made a snow man he had such fun with Amy making it, Although we are in Scotland and you would think we get a lot of snow because we stay on the coast we really don't get it too often so when we do Alan loves it, actually i love it too i like sitting inside watching it fall but i hate driving when its like this. Here is a pic of Alan's snow man from the last snowfall we had.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Busy Weekend

Our weekend has been really busy, Alan,Amy and i were at out nephews yesterday for his birthday he was 22, we went with his cards and we had a bit of cake. At night Alan went out for his dinner to Brewster's with his friend from school Callum and his dad i was at Callum's at a body shop party and I've got to say i really enjoyed it, I'm really shy and get worried about meeting new people but i did it and I'm pleased i did because i really enjoyed it and i treated myself which i never do to some make up and a body care kit it is delivered on Thursday i cant wait to have a pamper night.

Today Alan was at his friends birthday party at the ten pin bowling he had a fab time and enjoyed it ,Alan and i just sat through in the bar had a drink and watched him play, i love watching him having fun.

He got a new Ben 10 ultimate omnitrix from Nikki today and 2 figures so he has been pretending to be ben10 and having me standing like a statue, he tells me he has frozen me and i cant move!

I'm going to do my chores that need done before dancing on ice comes on , i like it but need to get a ironing done before it starts oh Joy!