Sunday, 30 August 2009

Back to my own routine!

Alan and Amy are now back at school, the summer holidays are over! not that we have had summer weather it has been really woeful, the rain has been awful. Alan has settled back in at school and likes his new teacher, with the schools assistance we are working through the issues of taking tablets and at school he has real issues with going to the toilet so its challenging but we are trying hard to work through it.
I'm also waiting for the hospital to get back to me Alan has been struggling with a cough and sore nose for weeks we had handed in a swab but some how it got lost so i handed in a new one and the results should be back today at some point i hope.
I'm getting back to being in my own routine with the kids being at school although i do miss them, I'm catching up with things i didn't do with them being off.
Ive uploaded some pics of the kids going back to school.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sorry for delay

Sorry for the delay in posting its been non stop with the kids being on holiday from school. Alan is much the same from the last post,still struggling with medicine and the having to take them.Emma our psychologist came out to the house and went through how Alan's body works and why he needs to take tablets, he seemed to enjoy listening to her and we came up with the idea of making a reward chart for him when he takes his medicine so my hubby has been busy making one, a army one, hopefully it will be finished today, i will post a pic next time i update, it is looking really smart, lets hope it works.

The kids are back to school on Monday and I'm hoping things get better for Alan, the school nurse was out yesterday going over his medical form so i made her aware of how Alan is feeling about things so she was going to a meeting with the headmaster so he is in the know of whats going on.We are also waiting on a swab result coming back,Alan's been suffering with a bug for the last 2 weeks, he had a course if antibiotics so we will see if its clear although I'm not hopeful he is still coughing really badly, I'm hoping we will find out today.