Thursday, 22 April 2010

More Bad News

We got a call from Alan's doctor yesterday to tell us Alan has developed cf relates diabetes, and he requires insulin to control it. Just when you think nothing else can go wrong! Alan has had such a run of bad luck lately and this is such a big setback to him, the poor wee mite. Alan seems to take things in his stride but last night he was upset at the thought of having to inject himself and if I'm totally truthful I'm struggling with it all too.
On a plus side postpals have been a godsend to us, Alan has received so much lovely letters and that makes him feel special and loved so to everyone who sends to Alan you have my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Alan had his MRI scan, he was a superstar! He was very brave, he took his DVD with him and got to watch it whilst he was inside the machine.The machine was very noisy indeed Big Alan and i both got in with him and we got to sit at the top of the machine so he could see us in a little mirror. Results will be available in 2 weeks time so we will have to wait and see.
When we got out the hospital we took Alan to toys r us he got a remote control robot who he called Robbie. He loves it. It has an alarm on it if you walk past it is makes a siren noise shouts intruder, intruder Alan is so impressed. He has it set up at his bedroom door so if his sisters go past it goes off!

We also received a letter yesterday. Alan's surgery on his bottom for his prolapse is happening on the 13Th May, so its not so long to wait. Here's hoping it all goes well. I get so worried when he is having a general anesthetic but i will put a brave face on so he does not worry.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


We had a really quiet Easter, the kids had a great day and made up the crafts they were sent from postpals. we had a very quiet bank holiday, unfortunately Alan was working, so it was me and the kids we went to the coffee shop in town and had lunch which was really nice.
I have been monitoring Alan's sugars over the weekend, they have been extremely high 14.2 being the highest, so the nurse was out today and he has to have another glucose tolerance test.
We also got a call today from yorkhill hospital to ask if Alan can go for a ct scan tomorrow at 3 so we are going there tomorrow for that, hopefully they will have some answers from it, then his MRI scan on the 17th.
I will post tomorrow and update.