Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Alan had a clinic appointment today, and although he has still got this infection hanging over him, he has grown and put on weight he is on the 75th centile for his height he is now 124cm and he is on the 91st for his weight he is 28.2kg i am so pleased with him, he has worked hard at eating because lately he has had no appetite. His chest is a bit clearer than last week so hopefully the antibiotic is starting to work, he has to be re swabbed next week, although the physio did take one today.
He also got his flu jag and his swine flu jag yesterday, he was very brave but said the swine flu one was particularly sore, his arm is tender today.The nurse said he was very brave, he has to get another injection in 3 weeks.
I picked up our pantomime tickets today we are going to see Sleeping Beauty we are looking forward to it very much.

This is Alan and i having a wee cuddle when he was
not feeling so well.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Long time in posting... Sorry

It has been ages since i updated, Ijust dont know where the time goes.
I had Alan at the Dr again today, he has been suffering really badly from an infection that we just cant seem to move.The Dr has given him augmentin and a throat spray, to try and move it, to be honest I'm not hopeful. I think it is much deeper down and needs something stronger.
Alan in himself is plodding on, but this is getting him down, his cough is really wet and deep and sounds really bad, so his throat is also sore.
He was looking forward to Halloween, his daddy carved him a pumpkin which he loved.
He had a monkey costume but he really was not well enough to enjoy it.
On a brighter note, he has been doing really well with his school work, he got 9 out of 10 for his spelling, and managed to pass his level A maths, i am really proud of him.
Alan and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary too, we went away up to the highlands of Scotland the scenery was stunning, i have uploaded a few pics.
I promise it wont be so long to my next posting