Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Alans Dream come true

Alan was lucky enough to be chosen by This Morning Tv show to have a dream come true.It was all a huge surprise to him, he knew nothing about it. Him and I flew down to London, we stayed in a hotel overnight and Alison Hammond from this morning came in the morning to surprise him.He was so shocked. She told him that i had told her he loved army, she then asked him if he would like to go up in a helicopter and then go to drive tanks, you can imagine how excited he was. It was such a great day, he was made feel so special and with everything he has to deal with it was just what he needed.

We were at hospital on Thursday having 2 ct scans with Alan, they discovered that his spine is out of alignment at the top so before any surgery can be done they needed to do the ct scans, he was really brave it did look uncomfortable as he had to lie with his head tilted backwards and one tilted forward. Results should be available next week sometime.

He also has managed to do his insulin himself which was a massive step for him, he and i was so pleased im really proud of him.

So sorry for the delay in a update its been neverending lately, Alan has just finished 2 weeks worth of iv's so that has made him feel a little better.

I have also taken a huge leap and have signed up for a open university course, something i never thought i would be able to do, im doing a psychology course and if im honest im proud of myself, ive came a long way since the start of the year.