Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Alan's IV'S

What a week we have had with worry. We saw the psychologist on Friday so she has helped us to try and deal with the stress we are feeling, I'm not really sure if its working for me. I cant seem to sleep that well Alan is on my mind all the time.
York hill called on Friday to ask if Alan could come to see the professor on Friday but he is having surgery on Thursday and they were not so keen. So we have to wait till a week on Friday which is the 21st May at 9.45, they are injecting a liquid into him during the scan so they can see whats going on, our Dr says it shows up all his blood vessels and things, they never done anything like that the last time. This is causing me to worry even more, i just want it to be over and want to know what we are dealing with.
Alan has been coughing a lot over the last few days, his throat is sore and his nose is too.
We were at hospital today, and they put Alan's line in, we also discussed Alan's operation which is happening on Thursday, I'm a little apprehensive about his having a general anesthetic but i know he needs to have this done. i thought i would let you see just how much medicine it takes for 2 weeks worth of IV'S to keep Alan well, when you see it all sitting out its a fair amount.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Alans Results

We got a call yesterday for us to go up to the hospital today after we dropped alan off at school. Dr wanted to discuss alans MRI scan results.

My husband was working today and i said its ok i will be ok myself.BIG MISTAKE! The Dr and nurse were waiting for me, they took me to a room and the nurse asked if i wanted a cup of tea, that itself set alarm bells ringing.

They told me the mri, showed up some fluid at the back part of his brain, and a mass at the top of his spine but the mri stopped there and they dont know what it is or at least they are not saying. we have to see the neurologist in Glasgow and another mri of his head and spine. Im out my mind with worry.

He is also having 2 weeks of IVS starting on Tuesday and his operation is on thursday.

For now its a waiting game till the hospital get back to us.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Sickness Bug

Alan went to bed on Thursday night he was complaining of a sore tummy, so i gave him some calpol and he very quickly fell asleep.I was awoken at 11.45 with Alan shouting, i ran through and he had been sick absolutely everywhere. I got Big Alan up to was him down and i got to work in stripping his bed and cleaning up the mess.He was sooo upset. We took him in beside us and he managed to dose off, but it was not for long at all. He jumped shouting he was going to be sick, he ran to the toilet this time. That went on all night the poor wee soul.
In the morning the sickness had stopped but he still felt really sick. With him being diabetic now and us having to check his sugars when he is eating i was beginning to panic because he was not eating and his sugars were really high.I rang the ward and the nurse told me not to panic because when a diabetic is ill their sugars can still be high, so that put my mind at ease a bit.
He lay in my bed all day just taking sips of water, but by the Saturday he was beginning to feel a good bit better thank goodness.

We are having a try at growing some fruit and veg in our garden we have strawberries in and pea pods, Alan is very keen. He has his own watering can and his special pair of gloves. Its lovely to see him doing something a little different that he is so enjoying.