Saturday, 23 May 2009

Spa Day

My sister and i were at a spa day today it was really fab, we had a aromatherapy massage, a facial, eyebrows waxed our nails done and our hairs done, It was totally relaxing and i feel the benefit if having it,My wonderful husband encouraged me to go for it and paid for it for me too, I'm so lucky. I'm now having a relaxing day snuggling up with Alan to watch tv with him since i was away this morning, most likely be Ben 10 or Hannah Montana, he really likes them both.

Friday, 22 May 2009

A Weekly update

Sorry Ive bombarded 3 posts in the space of a day but this week has been so hectic, I had the hospital myself this week Ive had some pain in my face legs and hands and the Dr referred me to the neurologist so we went to see him, he examined me and i have peripheral neuropathy caused they think by me being diabetic, what it means is the nerves endings in my body are damaged and not communicating with my brain causing tingling and a burning feeling and weakness in my arms and legs, i will just muddle on, no option Alan needs me to be there to do all his meds and things.

Amy also had the orthodontist this week and she has to be put to sleep to have 5 teeth taken out mostly baby ones and one in her gum that is growing the wrong way its lying along her gum so needs to be taken out.

We also had hospital with Alan, he has grown and put on weight and is eating well at present, he is looking well at present but has a bit of a wheeze, well actually its more like he is finding it hard to get a big deep breath which frustrates him and makes him panic sometimes. He also had a port flush which he was very good about and was brave getting the needle in

Apart from all this Ive just been catching up with washing and ironing and cleaning a woman's work is never done. Hopefully on Sunday we are going to the sea life centre so will post some pics if we go.

Amy's London Trip

Amy had a great time on her trip to London with the school they visited London Eye, A boat trip on the Thames, the theatre to see wicked. and a visit to the was museum, the trip was a educational one for History but when they were there they got to see some of the sites


Here as promised are some pics of Palma; The top 4 are of the cathedral and the other few are of Alan and I

Friday, 15 May 2009

Our Weekend Away

we had a really great time in Palma the weather was a very hot 28 degrees, it was so lovely to have time to ourselves, we went to the cathedral in Palma what a beautiful place it was amazing. It was so nice to eat out and not have to cook and just completely relax it was fab. I missed Alan but feel its done us the world of good. Alan also had a great time at his aunts he really enjoyed himself he went to the park, chose what they had for dinner and basically was spoiled rotten, Amy also loved London, they went to see Wicked at the theatre, went on the London eye, a boat trip on the Thames, and a visit to the imperial war museum i will post pics really soon .All my worry was for nothing it all went really smoothly .

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Awake all night

I could not sleep last night, my mind has been racing all night, with getting bags packed, worrying if I've done the right thing going away for the weekend, getting Amy organised for London, packing Alan's bag my mind is in overload. I just hope it will all be ok.
Dropped Amy off at 6 this morning .she was so excited and looking forward to her trip, wee Alan is still sleeping so will go for now and get him up and organised for school will blog later with how all our trips went.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


Nikki arrived back at just after 11 and when she opened the door i knew it was bad news, she was really upset and angry at herself for not passing, it really brought back memories when i sat mine it took me 3 times to pass and i was sure the last time i wouldn't pass but did. Nikki hit the kerb, something she never does and that's whats made her angry, we just told her nerves play a big part on the day and now shes done it once she knows what to expect. She will pick herself up and we will book a retest on Tuesday for the next few weeks.The examiner on a Saturday, she says is really nice so she wants a Saturday again to see if she can do it next time.
Although shes 18 you just wish you could do it for her and help her out, if only it was that easy!

Driving test

My Eldest daughter Nikki has just left the house to sit her driving test, she was very nervous and worried, i actually feel sick! I want her to pass so much.I just wish i could do it for her. Its at 10.15 so will blog latter with the results of it. Fingers crossed she passes!

Friday, 1 May 2009

More School Holidays!!

Our kids are off on holiday AGAIN they stopped on Wednesday and are off till Tuesday.I think there are too many holidays.Alan was just settling back in to the routine and then more holidays, he was grumpy being back at school and was very tired.
I am hoping the weather will pick up and we can get out , the weather here is awful rain, rain, and more rain!
We have decided when Amy is in London next weekend, and Alan is at his aunts we are going to go away and recharge our batteries and i do feel a little guilty having time off but i do feel i need a break and have been thinking that Alan must need one too.He is so excited about going and looking forward to it.