Thursday, 23 July 2009


I sighed a sigh of relief yesterday when the phone rang, it was Emma the psychologist i was so glad to hear her voice, i ran through all that has been happening with Alan and she said to me that if i wanted she would come out to the house and we could go over all Alan's meds. Make it fun about how they work and why he needs to take them and explain to him in a way that makes sense to him to make him feel a bit better about himself, i was delighted to accept the offer so she is coming out on Tuesday, they will open up Creon and she will explain how all the wee bits inside work, he will enjoy doing that because he loves knowing how things operate hes always asking about how things are made. He in himself is still very much the same about everything, hes still sad and emotional about his life. CF is a horrible disease and i had prepared myself for him being ill, having to take medicine and some days not feeling well but never did i see this coming so early or at all if I'm honest but Emma assures me its good he is telling us how he feels and not keeping it bottled up which i would hate the though of him doing that, so roll on Tuesday to see if we can work some of the issues out.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Much the same.

Alan has been much the same from my last post still feeling really down and sad about 'His Life'
this is really tearing me apart seeing my beautiful boy like this, wanting to be in his words normal. We have really tried to make Alan's life exciting and full of new and wonderful things and have never ever treated him differently, although I'm a little over protective but what ever has brought this on, its not nice.We have a psychologist that helps us when problems arise so i have rang her but still waiting on her getting back to me.We also got a call yesterday to say Alan had an infection which requires a two week course of antibiotics which i must say couldn't have came at a worse time, another med to fit in to all the other he is not happy about taking, Just as we got the call a parcel from Kim came and when he opened it he really cheered up and i did explain he is special and not just us care about him that other people do too and that made him feel good.He sat for a while and then asked me, does Callum get parcels and cards from people, i said not from postpals only extra special people do and you are one of them, My husband said to me that was a good thing to say it seemed to make his day so here's hoping we can beat the blues he has at the moment.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Lost for Words

The last few days i have been wondering what to say for the best. Alan has been very very down asking me all the time why he is not normal and that he doesn't want to do his nebulisers and take his medicine. It is really upsetting me. We have been chatting about it and i try to explain how important it is to take his meds to keep him well, and healthy but he says he wants to be a normal boy, i say you are a normal boy and a very special boy to us all,but nothing i say seems to be helping. Does anyone out there have any tips on what to say to him? i will try anything

Friday, 10 July 2009

Our Trip

We had a fab time at Disneyland Paris, we met the characters and had a go on all the rides, Alan is a adrenaline junkie and he is only 6! It was well worth the saving of our money to go because Alan was so happy and really enjoyed himself, we all did.We ate with the Disney characters one night and it was really really good, they were so nice with the children and had loads of time for them.