Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cf clinic

Alan had clinic today. He is very productive of sputum at the moment so his physio session this morning before we went got a very good sample to sent to the lab, hopefully the results will be back on Thursday.
The dr was pleased with his height and weight, he has grown 2cm since last visit. His chest is a bit wheezy so we have to up his physio sessions. He also discovered a polyp up his nose and said his airways were very red and inflamed, so they prescribed a new medicine called naxonex which is a steroid spray that goes up his nose he's to have it for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference, if not then the ent will see him to arrange a operation to remove the polyp. He's had them before, one of the rubbishy things that go with cf. The dr also looked at his tummy which looks really bad with bruises and needle marks, she said he is doing really well and although his tummy looks bad there are no lumps or bumps with the needles going in which is good, she encouraged him to try other parts of his tummy to stop the same part being used all the time. The dietician was delighted with him and his appetite so no changes made. The physio was a little concerned with the colour and amount of his sputum but until the results are back we wont know.
We have to go back on Friday as alan needs to go into the lung Lab every month now as his Lung function has been down by over 10% and we don't know why.
When we picked him up today from school, he had a picture of him holding the olympic torch here it is, he looks so proud to be holding it.

Monday, 25 June 2012

MRI scan

Alan had a MRI scan on Saturday of which we get the results of on the 30th july. He was very brave and lay very still, it took about a hour to scan his head and neck. After the clinic we went to the kelvingrove museum to have a look around and to have a bite of lunch. We saw a dinosaur footprint.
He also has started insulin at lunch time too, it's 5 injections a day and 10 finger pricks. He's my very brave special boy .
He has the cf clinic tomorrow so
Will update tomorrow x

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Wanted to update you on Alan.
He's having a really difficult time at the moment. He had a sensor in his tummy monitoring his glucose levels for a week as they discovered his sugars were spiking. So the hospital has now put him on insulin with every meal, and a long acting insulin so he injects 5 times a day and pricks his fingers 10 times a day, before and after meals. His fingers and tummy are in a awful mess with pin pricks.
They also discovered his lung function Is Down so they started him on a new inhaler and has to go to the lung lab every month. His portacath, here he gets his iv antibiotics through has stopped working so he requires an operation for it to be removed which is done at the specialist hospital in Glasgow.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Clinic Visit

We had hospital last, for the start of Alan's annual review. He had his bloods taken and they arranged for him to go to the lab for a lung function test, to the x-ray department for a x-ray and scans of his abdomen, liver and portal system which are happening on the 1st February. He is also going to have 2 weeks of introvenus antibiotics starting on Monday. We are trained to do them at home, and although they are very tiring doing them it means we do not have to stay in hospital. Alan has been off school with a sickness bug and is just not quite himself, so, the IVs will hopefully help make him feel a lot better. I do worry at this time of year when its Alan's review time, i am hoping for good news in March when we see the specialist from Glasgow to get the results.  

Monday, 9 January 2012

First Day Back

Alan's first day back didn't get off to a good start, We got a call around 12 to say he was not feeling well. Alan went to get him and he looked ghastly, he was pale and gaunt.He had some calpol and he lay up on the sofa and slept for a while. He woke around 3 and was really burning up, he had a glass of water and just lay and watched TV. I made him tuna pasta for tea and he did manage to eat it, so hopefully he is on the mend. We have the cystic fibrosis clinic tomorrow at 10, Alan has his annual review. He will get his bloods taken tomorrow so I'm hoping he will feel better for that. I will blog tomorrow to let you all know.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy new year firstly, i am hoping 2012 is a good year for us. I always wonder as we start a new year what it will bring, firstly health wise for Alan and what the year beholds for us. Hopefully Amy will be starting university in September, so that is something to look forward to. She has sent off to 5 universities for nursing, and one for music, so hopefully her results will be rewarded and she will get in. She is also starting driving lessons so she may pass her test this year too.

Alan and Amy are back at school tomorrow after the new year. Alan is also back at work, so i will be on my own for a little while. I'm going to the gym in the morning for an enrolment so that will pass some of my morning. Then i am meeting my sister for a little bit, we will have a bite of lunch and a catch up.

I am also writing another blog on weight loss, I'm still trying very hard, hence the reason why i am going for the gym induction, I'm trying to tone up too. here's the link if you want a look...

Monday, 26 December 2011


We had a very quiet Christmas. Alan had asked for a BMX bike and a guitar. He also really wanted a 3ds but wasn't sure If Santa could bring all of these gifts. He managed, because he had been the best bravest boy all year to get all the big things he wanted.. He was over the moon. I don't think I have seen him so excited it was lovely to see.. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas xx