Monday, 25 June 2012

MRI scan

Alan had a MRI scan on Saturday of which we get the results of on the 30th july. He was very brave and lay very still, it took about a hour to scan his head and neck. After the clinic we went to the kelvingrove museum to have a look around and to have a bite of lunch. We saw a dinosaur footprint.
He also has started insulin at lunch time too, it's 5 injections a day and 10 finger pricks. He's my very brave special boy .
He has the cf clinic tomorrow so
Will update tomorrow x

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  1. Looking at his photo, I can’t see any signs of illness that he’s suffering from. He looks happy. He’s definitely so brave that he did not even refuse to undergo an MRI scan. I hope to read more positive results of his tests.

    >Julio Loose