Monday, 29 June 2009


We are getting all set for our holiday, we are off to Disneyland Paris for a week, we leave on Wednesday, we are all really looking forward to it, especially Alan, he has been counting down for a week now!
He stops tomorrow for his summer holidays he is off for 6 weeks and is looking forward to doing lots of nice day trips away to castles and to the safari park.
He is a little sniffy at the moment i really hope that it doesn't come to anything especially when we are going away. He has saved up his pocket money for a few months so we are going to go tomorrow and change it into euros, I'm in no doubt he will find things to spend it on in Paris, i will post some pictures as soon as we get back.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Sad Day

We were at a funeral today, Alan's cousins son passed away.He was only 16 he died on his 16th birthday.He bravely fought cancer for 2 years but lost his fight. It was so sad i really felt for his mum and dad and his twin sister who was brave enough to do a poem at the service.

If i had one wish, only one, i would wish that we never ever need to go through that, i cant even imagine losing any of my children and struggle with the life expectancy of cf, just find it awfully difficult to understand why?

So sorry this is a down post, i haven't said to Alan how Ive been feeling about all of this, i had been doing ok but this has just thrown me into turmoil.

Thanks for taking the time to read this xx

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Theave Castle Visit

We went out a drive today since the weather was so nice, We became members of Historic Scotland that gives you access to all the castles and museums , we saw Theave castle in the book and thought we would give it a go it was our first visit.It is situated near Dumfries. near the borders of Scotland.To get to the castle you had to take a boat ride over to it, when we arrived over we were given a quiz to do on the way round, Amy and Alan had lots of fun trying to find the answers, and had a great time exploring the castle, here are some pics from our adventure

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Edinburgh Castle

We went on a day trip to Edinburgh Castle today, we had a wonderful time and there were lots to see. With it being the Queens birthday there was a 21 gun salute, it was really noisy and Alan held his ears. While we were walking up to the castle there was a man dressed as a knight pretending to be a statue and when Alan walked past he touched him with his sword he got a real fright but took it in good fun. Also William Wallace was in the royal mile and he got his sword out and let Alan hold it and get his picture taken. Alan loves historical sites so this one was right up his street.We also popped in to the bank museum, where we got to see all the old money, and new and we got to see 1 million pounds in 20 pound notes!! They also had a safe with chocolate coins in it and if you cracked the code you got the loot, Amy and Alan and a little help from their daddy managed to get the coins. Here are a few pics.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Alan's Sports Day

Following my last post, Alan had a swab taken, he has been feeling not to good,he has been coughing really badly and i had called the cf nurse who got the doc to see him, sent a swab to the lab and its a haemophilis bug he has which they are treating with augmentin and he is feeling a bit better already, still really productive with mucus but feeling a lot better.
He went to sports day, he really didn't want to miss it. I went to watch him run he tried his best, he never won any races but he was still upbeat that he had got to take part in the day.I had walked round to see him and i heard an almighty scream, he had been carrying his chair back into class and never saw the kerb and fell off it, his mouth catching the back of the chair,it cut all his gum it was bleeding quite badly and managed to knock out one of his baby teeth, he got such a fright at the site of all the blood and so did i.The teacher asked me to come in with him so i managed to reassure him while the first aider got a ice pack, he was really good and coped with it really well, everyone was asking what had happened to him which he didn't like.
The tooth fairy came and left him a penny which he put in his bank for holiday, we go in 3 weeks now we are all so excited! Also in his spelling test he got 10 out of 10 this week, he was over the moon!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Spoke to Soon!!

I had been updating Alan's postpals page and was saying how well he was doing this month, did i not just speak 2 soon! He was quite grumpy yesterday but i thought it was the heat but he was really restless overnight and woke this morning with a spiking temperature and could not breathe properly i phoned the cf nurse, she rang me back and said the doc would see him, so we went up she examined him and says she thinks its a viral infection she gave him augmentin till his swab results come back.So we are now cuddled up on the sofa watching tv.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Alan's School Trip

Alan went on his school trip to the lifeboats he got to find out what lifeboats do and also got to sit on the boat in the water, he got to sit in the drivers seat and had a really good time. It has really captured his imagination and has been chatting about it since. He is really interested in History and planets and anything to do with Egypt for someone at 6 he asks a lot of interesting questions.
We got his report card on Friday, it is really good and made my heart burst with pride, he is trying his best and that's all i can ask of him.The teacher wrote that he respects others and is sensitive to their feelings and that makes me really happy because he is caring in the house so its nice to know he is like that at school.
The weather here this weekend had been really hot, so nice to see Alan is his shorts and t shirt enjoying the sun, long may this weather continue.