Wednesday, 25 February 2009


We have had workmen in all morning today taking away our bath and fitting a shower to make life a little easier for Alan and me, When his port is accsessed he, well actually we, find it really hard when he is getting washed in the bath not to get it wet, so the occupational therapist suggested a shower to make life easier so it is in! It looks great,Alan is at school just mow so he has not seen it but I'm sure he will love it, he does like showers and it will be so much easier and quicker in the morning to wash him, He sweats so much in the night, his p.j's are always sticking to him if he manages to get through the whole night normally the top has to come off at some point.

I would try anything to make life a bit easier for him so here is hoping this works.

I have had David Cameron and his wife on my mind since i heard about his son passing away its so sad and awful, their pain must be unbearable i don't even want to imagine how they must be feeling, My mum always told me that there is always someone worse off than you are and it is so true, No one would like to be in their shoes, its such a shame.

Pancake Day

We had such fun making, and of course eating pancakes. Here are a few pics of Alan and Amy eating their creations

Monday, 23 February 2009

On The Mend

Well finally i am beginning to feel a bit better, its not nice feeling ill and I'm certainly not used to it, which has made me admire Alan all the more i always have been extremely proud of him but boy when i think how he must feel most of the time i really feel for him. Although he really does take things in his stride and doesn't let anything get him down which is great.

Since he has been such a good boy lately he wanted the new Ben 10 Alien Force watch its a projector that takes slides in the side of it, you press a button and it projects it on to the wall.He loves it, we went yesterday afternoon and got it, He never got his spelling test this week so he is still waiting for the game he wants when he gets 10 out of 10, i have to admit I'm finding it really hard sticking to this as i know he is working really hard at it but i also want to reward him when he gets full marks. Hopefully this Friday he will do it:)

Friday, 20 February 2009


I was back at the doctors today and its now been confirmed that i have shingles, no wonder i have been feeling so horrible , the doctor has given me new medicine so I'm sure this will help me, i don't feel as bad as i did yesterday so hopefully I'm on the mend,
Its my nephews party tomorrow he is 5 i have been baking for it i just couldn't let him down he is so looking forward to it, so is Alan and it will entertain him.
Alan is going ok just now he is really pale and not eating very well, the school called me at lunch time to say he had hardly eaten any of his lunch and he was the same at dinner time, he is just not back to normal after the virus he had, i get worried when he hasn't got a good appetite i work so hard to get his weight at a good level then this knocks it for 6, I've told him i will make him homemade pancakes with chocolate spread for breakfast so he said yes so we will see if he eats them!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Some Pics of my beautiful boy

Alan and his Quilt made for him by love Quilts uk
Alan and Amy on the slide at the safari park

This was him in Egypt looking really well

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Back to School

Back to earth with a bump this morning Alan and Amy are back to school and they had been lying in of a morning so it was awful trying to get them up this morning. Alan is awful at breakfast time so we have been given Calshakes if he is not eating, He is glad to be going back to school he really loves it, im going to relax when he is away today my cold i had has got worse and i now have a eye infection and look like ive got a black eye its really sore. I went to the drs yesterday so i got eye drops and antibiotics so hopefully i will feel better soon.

Alan went to Frankie and Bennys yesterday for lunch with Nikki since i was not feeling too well, then they went to the cinema to see Bolt 3d, he loved it he was as high as a kite last night when he came in telling me all about it, i was hoping to take him last week when they were on holiday but the 2 of us being ill put a stop to that!

Im off for a wee cuppa tea in peace and quiet x

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day

Our day has been quiet but nice, im still not feeling that well im really struggling with this cold! Alan got me a great big teddy for valentines with a lovely card too he writes wee lovely things in it not bad for being 20 years married! Nikki got me flowers since i wasnt feeling well and a single red rose, Alan got 4 valentine cards he was ever so happy, he also got a postcard from Finland this morning from Samuel from postpals he feels really special when he gets mail.He also lost a tooth last night he was eating pasta for dinner and he bit into the fork and it started beeding and was hanging thats the second tooth in 3 days, the tooth fairy brought him 10 pounds last night so he will find something to spend it on.

I'm off to have a hot blackcurrant to see if it will help my throat

Friday, 13 February 2009


My last post was i wasn't feeling well, i've got no better still feeling under the weather but hopefully i will pick up soon,Wee Alan had this virus and him being so kind has shared it with his mummy! On the brighter side he is feeling a bit better Although coughing really bad still.

Our C.F nurse was out this afternoon flushing Alan's port he does extremely well getting it flushed and is really brave with the needle going in and coming out, his skin gets really red with the emla cream its still red now and will be till later in the evening i wish we could find something that was a little gentler on his skin.

Its a year since his port has been fitted its hard to believe time has went past so quickly but it was one of the best things he has had done it has made his life so much easier.

Valentine's day tommorrow Alans wondering if he'll get a valentine, i wonder ; )

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Feeling Yuk

Woke up this morning feeling really bad, Alan has managed to pass his throat infection on to me! My throat, head and ears are really sore,Alan is beginning to feel a little better he is still coughing really bad and his voice is still a little shakey but i am hopeful he is on the up.

We have had a day in today I have just not felt like anything today Alan(my husband) ran me to the chemist to get something for my throat th try and make me feel better, i also had meds to pick up for Alan and to my anger or Drs had made a mistake and sent ketovite tablets instead of the liquid so i'll need to go back tommorrow to pick it up

Hopefully i'll feel better tommorrow

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New to this

I'm all new to blogging but hopefully this will be a way of updating, rambling and letting everyone know how we are doing, especially Alan.
Our schools are on holiday this week,Although Alan's holiday started a few days early he is suffering from a really bad throat they swabbed him at the hospital and its a parainfluenza bug which they dont treat they gave him a throat spray to help but he has been suffering a bit, He had the dentist today to get a coating on his back teeth to protect them he done really well and got a sticker for being so brave.His big sister Nikki is taking him and Amy to Frankies and Bennys tonight for dinner he is really looking forward to it

Signing off for now update soon