Sunday, 26 April 2009

Strange Weekend

Our weekend has been really quiet and that is very unusual Amy was at a sleepover at her friends it was her birthday and 4 of them stayed, i dropped her off at half 6 last night and picked her up at 1 today. Wee Alan was staying at his Aunts, he never stays away, i could count in one hand how many times he has stayed out, i dropped him off at 3 yesterday and i picked him back up just after i got Amy. What a weird weekend only having Nikki in the house and she was working till 5. We were going out for dinner and Nikki came too, i thought she might have been going out, but it was really nice to have time with her too, she always seems to be busy. Alan and i had been talking about going away for a weekend, i must say I'm a little worried about even thinking about it, i have never left Alan, there has never been a day i haven't seen him, but i really think Alan wants to do it. We are married 20 years this year and we have never been away together alone, he thinks we deserve it. Amy is in London next weekend with school and Alan's aunt said she would look after Alan so i know i need not worry but Ive decided to sleep on my decision and make it tomorrow.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Parents Night

We had parents night for Alan tonight, we had a chance to look at his work, see all his drawings and art work and a chat with the teacher to see how he is doing.I have to say that i came out bursting with pride.She says he is doing really well and it coping with all the work and making excellent progress, she also said that he is a very well liked boy and has lots of friends, she says he is loyal, helpful and a pleasure to have in her class. I feel really happy he has settled in so well at school, and enjoys it and is doing well, especially with the hospital appointments and the bugs he has had i feel his achievement is great.There was a book fair there tonight so because he did so well we went to buy him a book, we chose Lets Explore Dinosaurs, it has a book, plaster of Paris and moulds of dinosaurs,and a dino model to build so over the weekend we will have fun making all the models up.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Alan started back school yesterday after the Easter break, he was quite happy to be going back to see his friends. Around half 2 the school rang to say Alan wasn't feeling well, could i pick him up so i got in the car really worried and went to get him.He was a little pale and had been coughing but when i saw him i just knew there were more to it than just him feeling not well.He came home and cuddled up on the sofa with his love quilt, and was really quiet. I asked him if he wanted something to eat and he said yes so i made him a baked potato with cheese his favourite, he then said he felt a little better could he have a bounce on his trampoline.So when he was out i spoke to Alan about it he says he would have a chat to him. He got really upset and said he didn't want to go to school, my heart sank i hate when he is upset, Alan asked him what was wrong, he went on to say that someone in his class was shouting at him, his ears are so sensitive as it is, and that the boy he was sitting beside was talking to him when he was doing his work and he didn't want to tell the teacher incase the boy got into trouble.He is so thoughtful and i really admire that in his,its a lovely quality. Anyway, Alan went on to tell him that i would go in today and see his teacher and tell her what had happened.So this morning i took him in and started to tell her, Alan burst into tears but she calmed him down and told him not to worry she would sort it. I asked her if there were any problems to call me, Alan asked me to go out for lunch, i looked at my phone about 50 times i was so uptight worrying if he was ok, but when we picked him up he was his old self he says the teacher has sorted it out and he promises he will either tell us first or go to his teacher if he is worried about anything again. I really hope he does because it upsets me deeply when he is unhappy

Monday, 20 April 2009

Alans Cake baking

I do a lot of baking for the kids i find it a good way of getting calories into Alan without having to try too hard and with somethings that he enjoys, i normally let him help me with small jobs but he has been asking could he make cakes, measure all the ingredients and do the mixing so i agreed and we set to work here are the pics of Alans masterpieces which he was so proud of and really enjoyed eating

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Our Visit to the Kelvingrove

We went to the Kelvingrove, which is an art gallery in Glasgow that has exhibitions of all sort of things on, there are animals, Egyptian exhibits which Alan found fascinating, there are also skeletons on dinosaurs, we saw a valoceraptor, Alan loves dinosaurs and when he saw it he was amazed, he has loved all things to do with them for as long as can remember. We also saw the Dr Who tardis here was a exhibition on Dr Who too but it was fully booked today so we never got see it although we said we would take Alan again.
After leaving there we went to the park across the road from the gallery where we had a ice cream and Amy and Alan had a go on the slide and they climbed the frame.All in all we had a great day and we all enjoyed ourselves its so nice to see the kids having fun.

Here are some pics of our day.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

A bike ride

On Easter sunday we went out a walk to walk off some of the chocolate, Amy and Alan went on there bikes, Alan slept all night after his cycling must have really tired him out.

Easter Pictures

Here are some of Alan's Easter pics

Kim from Postpals was kind enough to send Alan a kit to make this wee bunny which him and his daddy made.

A few pics from Alans easter egg hunt which he had lots of fun trying to find them all.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

A crafty week

Alan's been on holiday from school this week and the weather to say the least has not been the best so we have spent the week making things from cards, to dinosaurs to masks. We have had a fun week and Alan has really enjoyed it here are some of his pictures

All this digging had lots of pieces inside and they built to a dinosaur which he is so proud of

He also, with Amy painted to wee blue dinosaur, it has a sound box in it when you lift it it roars.

He painted this mug as you can see from the smile he is ever so proud of it.

Friday, 3 April 2009


Its 5 years since we discovered Alan had CF, and i remember it like it was yesterday.It shook our world and left us devastated and in disbelief, we had so many questions we wanted to ask the main one was why us? why Alan what had we done so bad that we deserved this? I still remember these feelings like it was yesterday and even now sometimes i ask the same question especially when i see Alan in pain.
But 5 years on the difference in Alan is clear to see, before he was diagnosed he was a very clingy, snotty, grumpy little man who when he had a dirty nappy we couldn't believe what a nappy could hold, to now a independent, funny loving boy who has got the best nature and copes remarkably with all he has had to deal with I'm his short life.
I feel blessed to be his mummy and know he was gifted to us for a reason and the joy he brings us is unbelievable.We tried to conceive after Amy and it wouldn't happen, we visited the Dr and he prescribed fertility treatment for us but even that didn't work, they discovered i had polysistic ovary syndrome, we were told we would be very unlikely to conceive so for 7 years we were convinced our family was complete. Only to discover after being admitted to hospital with what they thought was a kidney stone, we were pregnant, we were overjoyed and a little shocked!
Alan is a miracle that we never take for granted.
I do get down sometimes especially at this time when its his anniversary time ,but, we take every day as it comes and count our blessings we have him in our life.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


We are booked up to go to Disneyland Paris in July we go on the 2nd for a week we are so excited and looking forward to it. Alan has been wishing for this for so long he has wanted to meet mickey mouse. i think it will be a great adventure for us all. He is planning all the rides, things he wants to see and do already!
He is not himself the last few days he is coughing and he is very mucusy and all in all really grumpy, i have handed in a sputum to see what is growing then he will get an antibiotic and hopefully make him feel better.