Sunday, 28 February 2010

A quiet week

We have had quite a quiet week. Alan has managed a full week of school, the only problem he has been having is still his toilet troubles.We are seeing the surgeon on Tuesday so hopefully we will have a bit of news then.
Alan got a new helicopter play set on Friday, he got 10 out of 10 on his spelling he has been doing so well with his words.He came out on Friday so happy he had managed to get them all correct.One of his words woodpecker, i think for a 7 year old that is a difficult word but happily he managed it.
Amy is busy practising for her practical music exam on Monday she has to play six pieces all together so she has been going over it, i really hope she can hold her nerve she gets so worried about exams. Infact the word exam is enough!
I will post Tuesday to update Alan's news at the hospital.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


We received a letter from the hospital today for Alan, when it fell on the mat and i saw the hospital stamp my heart sank. I knew exactly what it was for. Alan has to see the surgeon on the 2nd March for the operation he requires on his bowel, to resolve the problem of the rectal prolapses he has been having. I'm so worried. I absolutely dread Alan getting surgery, my mind runs away with me. I know he needs it done as lately he has been in real pain going to the toilet and that is not good. He is a little worried himself but I'm glad he can talk to me about it. Hopefully it will be really soon when he has the operation to take away some of my babies pain.
Cystic Fibrosis really gets to me sometimes, I get up everyday and i just get on with what needs done with Alan but when you get mail like today it sometimes really gets to me and i have to admit I'm struggling with my feelings tonight.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Our New Kitten.

We had been looking after a wee stray cat, that sadly passed away in December,Alan missed her very much, infact we all did. So we decided to buy a new little kitten, he was 6 weeks when we got him. We have named him Harley, he is sooooo cheeky but very very cute and fluffy.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Our Hospital Visit

Alan got his line taken out yesterday, his 2 weeks of IV'S are finished and it has made him feel a lot better in himself. He got his results from his glucose tolerance test and his levels are a little high, they have to be monitored for a month to see what the results are, He also has been having rectal prolapses again so the Dr has referred him to the surgeon to repair it again, last time we saw the surgeon he said that a part of his bowel would need to be taken out so we are just waiting on an appointment to come through.It seems to be one thing after another for Alan poor wee soul , but although looking at him i can see in his eyes he gets down, when you ask him he never ever complains he is a little star and i am so proud of him. He got a new Star Wars toy yesterday for being so brave he loves star wars at the moment.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

What a Start to the New Year

Our year ended with Alan not feeling so well, in fact since November Alan has been fighting an infection. At the beginning of January we went to hospital for Alan's annual review, he had been very tired and pale. The Dr had a look at him and he saw the physio, the Dr said they would try him with a new antibiotic to try and clear his infection which when he was on it seemed to help him a bit, but as soon as he came off it he was as bad as ever again.Alan was saying to me oh mum i just don't know why i feel like this he has never been so tired, so i rang them again and we took him up, they looked at him again and decided he needed iv's so he is currently having them at the moment, the physio in the hospital is doing a good job trying to get his lungs cleared.
he also has been having problems with his bowels, he has been having rectal prolapses all the time, they have already operated twice on him for this, but we are just waiting on word for them to see him again to see the plan, but we all know a operation will be needed.
He also has had to have a test for diabetes they think he is diabetic his sugar levels are too high , he had to have a cannula put in 8 times they tried because his veins are so bad. He was the bravest boy, we are still waiting on the results.

What a start to the year, here's hoping it gets better.
Although we have been helped immensely with the people from postpals they have been so kind to Alan and always can put a smile on his face no matter what and for that i am soooooo grateful .