Thursday, 19 January 2012

Clinic Visit

We had hospital last, for the start of Alan's annual review. He had his bloods taken and they arranged for him to go to the lab for a lung function test, to the x-ray department for a x-ray and scans of his abdomen, liver and portal system which are happening on the 1st February. He is also going to have 2 weeks of introvenus antibiotics starting on Monday. We are trained to do them at home, and although they are very tiring doing them it means we do not have to stay in hospital. Alan has been off school with a sickness bug and is just not quite himself, so, the IVs will hopefully help make him feel a lot better. I do worry at this time of year when its Alan's review time, i am hoping for good news in March when we see the specialist from Glasgow to get the results.  

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